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欢送会 英文歌曲

★★★★★楼主你好!!只选对的,不选多的,本人自己觉得最好听的歌,楼主一定要听听啊!极力推荐 (((天赖之音)))I'm Gonna Getcha Good!--Shania Twain Never Had A Dream Come True--S Club 7 最近开始听这首歌的,太好听了Any Man Of Mine--Shania...

Auld Lang Syne没问题啊,太经典了,就是有点感伤 给你推荐几首:seasons in the sun-westlife good riddance(time of your life)-green day never gone-backstreet boys one love-blue my love-westlife 看看歌词和MTV,相信你会采纳的

欢送会 [词典] [体] send off; [例句]为大使举办了一个欢送会。 A farewell party was held in honor of the ambassador.

Good evening, everyone! I’m very glad to show our gratitude to xx. xx has been teaching us English for two months and .....(自己添加). We all have built deep relationships with xx during these two months . Tomorrow, Ms James i...

那必须是《Cry On My Shoulder》了 英文歌《Cry On My Shoulder》由德国选秀节目的歌手们共同演绎,标准励志歌。不要忘了当你无助的时候,来我的肩膀哭泣,我会在你身边,依旧用爱与你分享 Cry On My Shoulder If the hero never comes to you....

额 怎么没找到 是1还是2的

Hello,everyone.I am so glad to stand here.First of all,I will introduce myself.My name is...,I am...years old this year.I have many hobbies,such as:reading.dancing.writing and so on.Also I like English very much.I think English...

参考: 我们将为你准备一场欢送会。它将在周六晚六点的阳光俱乐部302房间举行。 We're going to have a farewell party for you. It will be held in Solar Club Hotel Room 302 on Saturday night at six.

准确说法是farewell party,我在加拿大,这边就是这么说的

Gloria Gaynor--I Will Servive http://www.stsky.com/play/61542.htm

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