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BE usEFul For sB

be useful for sb.对…有好处; 用于形容词、名词和动词短语后,引出其后动词不定式的主语 be useful to sb.对某人有用;针对某人有用(句子的主语可以是人或物) 例句: It is useful for somebody to do something对某人干某事是有用的 It is very ...


be natural for sb. 例如: It is natural for young people to be critical of their parents at times and to blame them for most of the misunderstandings between them.

be useful to sb 或者 be useful to do sth

This tool is useful to me.

1)sb. is more use表达不对。正确表达方式有两种: sb. is of more use或者sb. is more useful。 2)be of use: 意思是:有用 These dictionaries are of great use. 这些词典十分有用。 3)useful: 【用法】 useful的基本意思是“有用的,有益的...

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