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guiDE sB Do还是guiDE sB to Do

没有guide sb to do这个短语,指导某人用 instruct sb in sth;instruct sb to do sth 1. guide sb to + 名词 This middle path would guide him to the target. 这条中间的路线就可引导他飞向目标。 2. 如果想表示在某方面指导某人 guide sb in...

guide sb on doing sth

She guided me to finish the job yesterday afternoon. 昨天下午她指导我完成那项工作。


Lead sb to sp

Most plastics do not readily conduct heat or electricity.大多数塑料不易导电...lead or guide (sb) toconduct sb to sb/sthConduct me to your teacher....

不能,没有guide sb to do这个用法。 guide作动词时用法如下: 给…当导游;带…参观、 给…带路;为…引路: He guided us through many scenic spots.他带我们参观了很多景点。 驾驶(交通工具):The captain guided his plane down the runway....

没有guide sb to do这个短语,但有guide sb from sth(引导某人)和guide sb do

guide sb to some places 引导某人去某地

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