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一般,表示在早晨,用 in the morning 当表示在具体某一天早晨,下午,晚上,或者说出天气状况时,要使用介词on. 例如 on a windy morning on the morning of May 1st

I know you must have had a long day 我知道这一天对你来说很漫长 Cause at six o'clock I heard you say, 因为在6点的时候我听到你说 There was something that was on your mind 一些东西一直困扰着你 But you ain't told me and it's almost...

Tom's Diner - Giorgio Moroder , Britney Spears Du-du-du-du du-du-du-du Du-du-du-du-du-du-du-du I am sitting in the morning At ...

in the morning 指在早上,不具体只哪一天早上 on the morning 通常是on the morning of + 日期的形式出现,表示具体某一天的早上 比如 on friday morning

hehasfourclassesinthemorningandtwointheafternoon He has four classes in the morning and two in the afternoon. 他上午有 4节课,下午有两节课。

in my head Then I start feeling a little peculiar So I wake in the morning and I step Outside I take deep breath I get real high Then I scream ...

就叫shalala 温拿乐队的 there's a girl on my mind and she knows i'm thinking of her on my way through the day and the night the stars shine above me she's been gone for some time but i know i truly love her and i'm singing the s...

特指某一天的早上、下午和晚上用on。记住要有of这个词。 例如:on the morning/afternoon/evening/night of April 24 亲:祝你学习进步,每天都开心V_V! 望采纳,thx!

he bat flies in the morning 早晨的蝙蝠 in the morning:在早上,早晨 例句: 1.In the morning, the Bush and Laura welcomed Obama and his wife, Michelle, to the White House. 就职日当天早上,布什和劳拉欢迎奥巴马和夫人米歇尔入主白宫...


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