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(1) It may be said【 that the measure of the worthof any social institution is its effect in enlarging and improving experience;】(2) but this ...

It 做形式主语,may be 是情态助动词,that为关系代词做宾语,后面接从句,主谓宾全有了,放在括号里是因为这是个推断,不要括号里的东西就不是复合句,而是简单句,主要意思都表达清了。请问还有什么问题?

be that as it may:虽然;就算是这样;即使如此;尽管如此;话虽如此;尽管那样。例句:Be that as it may, they finished the task a week in advance. 尽管那样,他们还是提前一周完成了任务。起到插入语的作用

be that as it may 是虚拟语气。be that 倒装表示强调虚拟对象,相当于说 “就算那样吧,又能这样”。动词原形 be 置于句首本身就是虚拟语气的一种格式。另如 Be happy to you (祝你愉快)。

it may well be that 译为很有可能会…… that从句的主语是the learning,you really want做the learning的后置定语修饰它,lie为谓语动词,主语为单数所以用单三,整句话的意思就是 但你真正想学的东西很有可能存在于其他别的地方。

May It Be may it be an evening star 但愿有一颗暮色之星 shines down upon you 佛照着你 may it be when darkness falls 即使黑暗降临 your heart will be true 你将揣着颗真诚的心 you walk a lonely road 孤独地上路 oh, how far you are fr...

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But it may well be that the learning you really want lies somewhere else instead . 翻译为中文: 但很有可能你真正想要学习的东西其实是在别的地方。 主要词汇: 1, may well be : 很可能是 例句: This may well be an apocryphal story 这很...

May it be an evening star 祝愿夜幕明星 Shines down upon you 将光华铺撒满你身 May it be when darkness falls 祈愿当黑暗降临时 Your heart will be true 你的心依然坚定 You walk a lonely road 你孤身一人在路上 Oh! How far you are from...

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