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trADitionAl ChinEsE mEDiCinE 课文的中文译文


The most precious asset of traditional Chinese medicine is the prescriptions. Most of the medicines prescribed contain herbs and animal ingredients. The story of Shen Nong(神农氏) collecting herbs has been widely spread up to t...

中医 中医是华夏文化的重要组成部分,延续了千年。

Pure traditional Chinese Medicine. 对应的中文意思: 纯中药. (另外, 也可能是一种专业杂志/期刊名称:纯粹传统中药)

同学你好,很高兴为您解答! TCM(Traditional Chinese Medicine),您说的这个英文词语在我国中很常见,是属于英文会计考试核心词汇其中的一个,学好该类词汇对您的英文证书考取过程非常重要,这个词的翻译如下:传统中医药。 希望高顿网校的回...

Introduction to (traditional) Chinese Medicine中医介绍

■China’s为名词所有格,强调所属关系。如: China’s population is large. 中国人口众多。 Hainan is China’s second largest island. 海南是中国第二大岛。 The Yellow River is China’s second longest river. 黄河是中国第二大河。 China’s c...

traditional chinese medicine :(传统)中药

It is totally organic and natural. Most of them made from raw organic plants. Just like superfood, such as wheat grass powder, detox your body, make you feel better and really getting better from inside-out. Most of foreigners ...

CERTIFICATE OF ENROLLMENT This is to certify that XXX, female, born March 30, 1988, has been enrolled at the Pharmacy Department of the Guiyang College of Traditional Chinese Medicine since September 2006. Presently she is in h...

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