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what's up with sb/sth? 中文: 某人或某物发生了什么事? 表达意思和 what's the matter?一样! 到底怎么样;有什么事吗;出什么事了 例句: what's up with my shoulders? 我的肩膀是咋了?

line up with 与…对齐 例句: ●Line up with runners of similar ability. 和水平相似的参赛者一起排队。 ●They tend to line up with the working people more and more. 他们越来越倾向于和劳动人民站在一起.

catch up with sb 赶上了某人。For example:They started several minutes ago,we have to be hurry so that we might catch up with them.

偶然地碰到I am back in my office and meet up with all of our staff. 碰到; 偶然遇到; 遭受; 和…会面;Now I meet with fewer difficulties in my work 相遇; 相识; 开会; 接触I have just met the man I want to spend the rest of my life w...

与 ... 重修旧好    与……和解

一般不行,这只是一般的问候语,相当于咱们的,‘你好吗?’,‘最近过得怎么样……,你可以用What's matter/wrong with you?

holding me back? I’m not


hook sb up = recommend 推荐、介绍 hook up with sb.把某人介绍同**认识. “hook up”是“connection”的意思相当于中文里的“介绍、认识”之类的词并不单指男女之间的认识.比如某人正在找份工作, 他的朋友刚好认识比尔盖兹(Bill Gates).他就可以跟这...


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