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up with sB

what's up with sb/sth? 中文: 某人或某物发生了什么事? 表达意思和 what's the matter?一样! 到底怎么样;有什么事吗;出什么事了 例句: what's up with my shoulders? 我的肩膀是咋了?

hook up 是勾住的意思, hook up with sb是介绍某人认识,相互交流

catch up with sb 赶上了某人。For example:They started several minutes ago,we have to be hurry so that we might catch up with them.

不是“让某人上钩”的意思。 举例如下: 如果你想做美容方面的生意,但不知如何入手。你朋友说:我认识一个这方面的人,let me hook you up with him.是指帮你介绍同他认识。 其他还有许多这方面的例子。

与 ... 重修旧好    与……和解

一般不行,这只是一般的问候语,相当于咱们的,‘你好吗?’,‘最近过得怎么样……,你可以用What's matter/wrong with you?

keep sb up with sth 让某人一直做某事 双语对照 例句: 1. You break up a leg or sth? 你把腿摔断了吗? 2. The world gradually filled up with capital goods. 世界上的资本品逐渐多了起来

make it up with sb:和平相处;言归于好;与…讲和 例句: 1.After dinner, I went to his place, hoping to make it up with him. 晚饭后我去了他那里,希望和他言归于好。 2.Why don't you make (it) up with her? 你为什么不与她和好呢? 3.W...

line up with 与…对齐 例句: ●Line up with runners of similar ability. 和水平相似的参赛者一起排队。 ●They tend to line up with the working people more and more. 他们越来越倾向于和劳动人民站在一起.

偶然地碰到I am back in my office and meet up with all of our staff. 碰到; 偶然遇到; 遭受; 和…会面;Now I meet with fewer difficulties in my work 相遇; 相识; 开会; 接触I have just met the man I want to spend the rest of my life w...

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