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Learn to earn is better than yearn to earn. 学会赚钱比渴望获得更好。 重点词汇 learn得知; 学习,学会; 习得; 记住; 学习; 认识到; 获知 earn赢得; 获得; 赚得; 博得; 挣得; 赚,赚得; 使得到 better than比…更好 yearn渴望,切盼,向往; 想...

Chairman Mao once said“one should live with learning until he is old”, he told us the importance of learning. Actually, we are learning all our life, even when we are out of school, we learn from life. Life is a great lesson, i...

1. 关于开学典礼的英语作文 Today our school had an opening ceremony in the school auditorium...

Learn how to invest in the Stock market. If you are a beginner or an expert, you can find basic and advanced trading tips and ideas on ...

learn english 学英语;学习英语;学好英语;学习英文;学会英语

形容词,I learn 后面加一个that从句,learned 和earnest 修饰man ,学习最认真的人

learn 学习 例句 I am learning English . 我正在学习英语。

Two noted Americans explain why it’s not what you earn-it’s what you learn. 两位美国名人解释为什么不是你所挣的而是你所学的更重要。

你好 文艺一点说是 自食其力 通俗一点就是 用自学的知识养活自己

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