About Us

We are an organization dedicated to linking necessities in Safe Patient Handling & Mobility to the resources required to assist in those needs.

Whether you are a healthcare institution looking to incorporate Safe Patient Handling (SPH) training at your facility, or you’re looking to purchase a patient lifting device for your home, we hope to be a valuable resource to you. Through content, information, solutions, and consulting we hope to be an aggregator to solutions from some of the challenges faced in patient mobility today. We strive to be an entity that contributes to safe healthcare environments.   

Our company tagline is  “Need a lift?” because everybody needs a lift in some way at some point. We take pride in knowing we implement that philosophy in what we provide our industry and all those we effect in our operations from caregivers to patients alike. Asking that question not only insinuates the recognition of help being needed, but also the want and capability to fulfill that solution to the help that’s needed and that’s how we feel when interacting with all in our industry. Consider reading this as an invitation to you from us. Let’s have a dialogue and let’s create a safer and more efficient way of mobility in the healthcare realm. 


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