Overhead Ceiling Lifts


How much does a Ceiling Lift Cost?

If looking for a Ceiling Lift System for your home or for an institution, due to the variability in the configurations of the ceiling lift track system, please contact us for full system assessments, recommendations, and installations.

Call us now at (617) 895 7966 to speak with a specialist, or e-mail us at info@sphm.net to have a dialogue about what solution may be right for you or your organization


We can provide your home, or facility with expert advice and installation of...

  • Fixed Patient Ceiling Lifts

  • Portable Ceiling Lifts

  • Medical Ceiling Lifts with Scale

  • Ceiling Mounted Patient Lift Systems

  • Wall Mounted Patient Lift Systems

  • Bariatric Ceiling Lifts (up to 1,000 lbs +)

  • Portable Patient Hoist

  • Free Standing Ceiling Lift

Project Planning


Room Assessments

There is a lot to be said for the feasibility of installing patient lift equipment in particular rooms and spaces. The rail components for ceiling lifts attach to above ceiling structures, or to the walls by wall brackets so this involves a pretty in depth installation and thus, planning process.


Reach out to a representative today for tips and advice, design layouts, on-site assessments and a representative will help guide the process to ensure you get the most of your investment of these types of solutions.

Give us a call at (617) 895 7966 to speak to a representative, e-mail us at info@sphm.net , or fill out the below form and we will reach out promptly.

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