The CL650 Ceiling Lift is a fixed battery-operated patient lift that is mounted in tracks that are installed into the ceiling. The lift is used with a sling or walking harness to transfer the patient along the track.  A heavy-duty motor and extra wide gear are designed for long life with continual use.


Purchase Also Includes: Standard charger, battery pack and hand control.


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CL650 Ceiling Lift

SKU: CL650
    • 650 lb Safe Working Load
    • Available in Power Traverse
    • Manufactured in the United States
    • Warranty on Components: 3 Years
    • Option for Scale
    • On-board intelligence to monitor lift usage
    • Backlit LCD Screen Display
    • Safety Features & Controls

    *Pricing shown is for the motor hoist only. For full system assessments, recommendations, or installations please call us at (617) 895 7966 to speak with a specialist, or e-mail us at to have a dialogue about what solution may be right for you or your orginization*

    • 650 lb. weight capacity
    • 14.25" x 12.25" x 6.25"
    • Overall weight of 29 lbs.
    • Manual/Optional power traverse
    • Lifting belt is 2" wide, has 94" of spoolable length
    • Lifting speed of 2.3 cm/second
    • All metal gearing
    • Dual-pawl emergency brake
    • 2-12 V SLA, 5.0 Ah batteries
    • Charger input of 120 VAC, 60 Hz, 1 amp, NEMA 5 power cord
    • Approximately 120 lift cycles per charge at 200 lb. load
    • Hand-held remote plus on-board controls and electronic soft-start and soft-stop
    • 20 Amp motor rating
    • Signals/Alerts include power-on, connected-to-charger, low battery, emergency down, overload, overheat, start-up electrical fault modes


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