Made for seated transfers, such as from bed to wheel chair. The Full Body Sling ensures your loved one or yourself is being lifted comfortably and safely.


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Polyester Material Option - A durable, comfortable, low-friction material that is easy to clean, apply and remove.

Net Material Option - A soft, thin material that breathes and dries quickly. Polyester Net is ideal for bathing and showering.


SPHM looks forward to providing you with not only the highest quality of lift products, but also delivering you and your loved ones peace of mind through the whole process.

Full Body Seated Sling

    • 550 lbs Safe Working Load
    • Sizes: S/M/L/XL/XXL/XXXL
    • Seated Sling: Transfers - Chairs/Beds/Cars
    • Reusable: See "Laundering Instructions"
    • Material Options: Polyester / Net
    • Loop Style Attachment
    • Warranty: 6 months


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