Our dual-purpose Turning and Limb Lifting Straps can be used with either Floor Lifts or Ceiling Lifts.  When used as a set the straps help caregivers with the turning of a patient and allows greater access to the patient's back.  When used as a limb-lifting strap, caregivers are able to conduct limb and/or foot care.


Wipeable Material Option - Made of a durable acrylic coated polyester material with moisture repellent polyester webbing. The wipeable acrylic material allows for the material to be cleaned with a standard sani-wipe.


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Limb Sling

    • Manufactured in the United States
    • Limb Sling Sling: Transfers - Limb Lifting, Foot Care, Turning
    • Reusable: See "Laundering Instructions"
    • Material: Polyester
    • Loop Style Attachment
    • Warranty: 6 months


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